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PHRST is the State of Delaware’s central payroll operation group for all state agencies, school districts, and charter schools. The PHRST system is an integrated software application and is the Human Capital Management (HCM) component of the State of Delaware's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Within the ERP system, PHRST administers processes involving human resources, benefits, payroll, time reporting, and is the system of record.

eSTAR is a dynamic workforce management system for the State of Delaware. The application automates and standardizes the time collection and approval processes.

Our Mission

Payroll: Achieve 100% service level of on-time and accurate pay for all state employees.

System Integrity: Use sound project management methodology via ERP industry best practices to ensure system functionality and system integrity is sustainable.

Data Integrity: Maintain strong quality control management practices that will help protect and maintain data during collection, processing and storage.

Business Intelligence: Leverage system data to support agency leaders and state policymakers in making decisions for state with value-added business reporting.

Risk Management: Maintain sound processes to ensure no gaps in system controls, ensure PHRST employees are properly trained and motivated to manage work in complex system and work environment.

Customer Service: Provide outstanding front line system support to State's key end users and stakeholders.

Continual Process Improvement: Use Facts and Data to focus on doing the right things “right.”