OMB Mission

The Office of Management and Budget plays a central role in designing and implementing the state budget, allocating state resources, and supporting government services. We integrate objective analysis and inter-agency collaboration to maximize the value of Delaware's assets.

OMB Vision

Working together to create excellence in state government.

OMB Goals


  • Maintain trust and respect between OMB and the state agencies, suppliers, vendors, and contractors with which we work.
  • Uphold quality controls and monitoring to ensure consistent delivery of excellent work products.
  • Communicate clearly, consistently and in a timely manner within OMB sections and in cooperation with all state agencies, suppliers and contractors.
  • Deliver work products, communications and customer service responses in a timely manner with a high degree of accuracy.


  • Assess and manage risks involved in all OMB activities and service delivery.
  • Establish and maintain systems and data integrity.
  • Uphold quality controls.
  • Ensure full compliance with all standards and statutes associated with service delivery.
  • Make efficient use of taxpayer money.


  • Regularly review, update and disseminate best practices to OMB staff.
  • Update and train state agencies, suppliers, vendors, contractors and customers in best practices and quality improvement techniques.


  • Lead state agencies by example. OMB staff will conduct themselves and deliver services in an exemplary fashion to be followed by all other state agencies and employees.
  • Train state agencies, suppliers, vendors, contractors and customers in best practices, including streamlining systems and improving state efficiency.
  • Recruit and promote diverse workforce, suppliers, vendors and contractors.
  • Develop and enhance a diverse talent pool by creating opportunities for professional development.
  • Provide the best information to all customers and decision makers statewide.