The Office of Management and Budget provides leadership, partnerships, policy development, planning and objective analysis to maximize the value of state assets, including people, facilities, land and financial resources.

The Office of Management and Budget consists of seven major sections:

Office of the Director

The Office of the Director facilitates preparation and implementation of the Governor's policy agenda by providing objective policy analysis and fiscal management to provide the greatest value to all Delawareans. It directs the operations of OMB to provide efficient and effective management of the state government's financial, human and capital resources. Policy and External Affairs is responsible for developing OMB policy, serves as the primary liaison with the Governor's Office and coordinates OMB legislative needs with the General Assembly. In addition, this section provides financial and information technology support for the operating units of OMB.

Budget Development and Planning

As the steward of the State's budgetary process, Budget Development and Planning coordinates the efforts of fiscal planning, policy development and organizational and management analysis. It assist agencies in the planning and implementation of operational programs and capital projects affecting all Delawareans. It is also charged with the management of federal fiscal proposals and guidelines, as well as the State Clearinghouse for the application of federal grants.

Facilities Management

Facilities Management meets state government space needs by maintaining state facilities and implementing programs and initiatives to ensure each facility is energy efficient, architecturally accessible and environmentally safe. It also ensures all demolition, renovation and new construction of state buildings is completed in a timely fashion and meets the latest standards of construction technology, building and life safety codes and space standards through plan review, technical oversight and assistance.

Government Support Services

Government Support Services contains eight units, each with specific services to offer state agencies, the public or both. Messenger Services, Printing and Publishing, Copier Management, Fleet Services and PHRST offer services to state agencies. The Contracting unit offers services to state agencies, school districts, municipalities, volunteer fire companies and political subdivisions. Delaware Helpline, Surplus Property and the Federal Food Commodities Program offers services to state agencies, school districts, nonprofit agencies and the public.

Office of Pensions

The Office of Pensions maintains comprehensive and responsive systems for benefits and funds management, which helps retain a quality workforce and provides a secure and supportive retirement commitment.